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Full implementation of rapid samples and rapid small batch production, the purchase of laser molding machines to achieve the fastest production speed, improve customer demand, laser molding precision can reach 0.05MM

The new factory building is started and decorated to expand the production area of the first floor of the first floor of the first floor of the process area of the first floor of the production area of the 5000 square meter office area of the workshop area.

According to the needs of the market, the special FPC express express line is set up to complete the whole process with the model staff. The first time is to achieve the concept of the sample of the sample. The speed of production reaches the FPC flexible board with single and double sides, and the fastest 24 hours can be accelerated to meet the needs of the customers.

Shenzhen Ruixing fast circuit board Co., Ltd. invested 800 to increase equipment to fully enter the FPC flexible circuit board full process production and research and development process, the minimum tolerance +/-0.1mm, minimum thickness of the thickness of 0.15mm plate thickness minimum 0.03MM

According to market demand, FPC flexible plate consumption increased, we guarantee quality first concept, no expansion business.

Enter the FPC flexible circuit board market with the single business FPC finished business to purchase FPC raw materials for semi processing production, years of FPC production experience, to achieve orders not to increase.

Add 1 computer numerical control drilling machines, expand FPC drilling processing business in Fuyong Sha well, Songgang, Songgang, multiple factories processing drilling standards to increase the number of drilling flat meters

Purchase of 2 computer numerical control drilling machine manual drilling machine drilling matching raw materials, the external processing of FPC flexible board drilling business, 6 drilling people drilling minimum Kong Ke reached 0.15MM

Come to Shenzhen and enter the FPC business