Company introduction
Shenzhen Ruixing shortcircuit board Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, processing and design of electronic products for domestic and foreign customers. Professional production of high precision FPC soft circuit board rapid production and manufacturing, the main business: FPC circuit board, FPC key board, FPC circuit board, LED lamp strip, FPC control board, LED automobile lamp board FPC soft and hard combination board, product field involving computer, communication network equipment, mobile digital camera, instrumentation, aerospace, bio medical treatment. High tech industries, s...
  • Rui Xing quick build
  • Brand FPC flexible version
Six advantages
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  • Rui Xing advantage
  • Technical advantage
  • Factory advantage
  • Predominance
  • Quality advantage
  • Certification

    Authentication is a form of credit guarantee. Refers to the country Accredited certification bodies certify the products and services of an organization. Management and management systems conform to relevant standards, technical specifications or A compulsory qualification assessment activity.

  • What are the four features of FPC?

    FPC flexible circuit board, also known as "soft plate", is made of flexible insulating material such as polyimide or polyester film. It has flexibility. Short, small, light and thin are its characteristics. FPC flexible circuit boards also have one side, two side and multi-layer boards.

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