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Application of medical FPC

Release date:2021-07-06

        In many medical devices, medical FPC can be seen.
        1. The key of medical equipment, FPC software board in the use of the key is also a large-scale model, although the medical key and other keys are a test of product sensitivity. But the medical requirements for the repeatable number of keys is very high, the soft board can reach millions or hundreds of millions of dynamic applications according to the demand of the product. These capabilities are the main aspects of softboard's popularity in terms of buttons.
        2. The FPC soft board is used in the screen of medical equipment, not only in medical treatment, but also in almost all the screen display, which is an affirmation of the bending of the soft board.
        3. The technology of gastroscope circuit board has existed for a long time, but the bending capacity and rigidity of the circuit board at that time can't be well matched, and the catheter can't be well operated by medical personnel. However, the FPC soft board used in gastroscope now has good bending performance after many years of verification and production experience.
        After years of progress, FPC soft board is no longer an accessory. 

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