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How to design FPC soft board

Release date:2021-06-25

  How to design FPC soft board and what problems should be paid attention to when designing FPC soft board? Let's have a brief understanding:
  FPC soft plate is a relatively weak part. If it is not designed properly, it will easily break. As for the structure, we are most concerned about the appearance of FPC. Under the condition of ensuring the performance, although it is narrow and thin, it is easy to scratch with the shell and break at the FPC through hole of B / C part of mobile phone. When designing the outer surface of FPC soft board, we should also pay attention to the radius of the corner. Generally, the minimum radius of the inner corner is R1, and the radius of the outer corner is R3 or R4.
  The width of FPC soft board is related to the line width, line spacing and the number of pins. If the number of pins is more, it will be widened naturally. Maybe the width will be reduced by using double-sided board instead of single panel. Of course, the thickness will be increased. As for the length of FPC, because FPC has good flexibility and good bending property, it is not necessary to calculate the length carefully. In addition, it is very important that when we design the appearance of FPC, we pay attention to the gap with B / C parts and vias. Under the condition that the wall thickness and strength of B / C parts have been met, although we leave more space for FPC soft board, the design of this place is the top priority of our design.
  These are the problems that should be paid attention to in the design of FPC soft board.