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Circuit board

Release date:2018-03-22

The name of the circuit board include: ceramic circuit board, alumina ceramic circuit board, aluminum nitride ceramic circuit board, circuit board, PCB board, aluminum substrate, high frequency board, thick copper plate, impedance plate, PCB, ultra thin circuit board, ultra thin circuit board, printing (copper etching technology) circuit board and so on. The circuit board makes the circuit miniaturized and intuitive, and plays an important role in the batch production and optimization of the electrical layout of the fixed circuit. The circuit board can be called a printed circuit board or a printed circuit board, the English name is (Printed Circuit Board) PCB, (Flexible Printed Circuit board) FPC circuit board (FPC circuit board also called flexible PCB flexible circuit board is made of polyimide or polyester film as a substrate with high reliability and excellent flexibility. Sex printed circuit board. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness and good bending property. The birth and development of reechas and Soft and hard combination plate -FPC and PCB have given birth to the new product of hard and soft joint board. Therefore, the soft and hard bonding board is the flexible circuit board and the hard line board, through the pressing and other processes, according to the relevant technical requirements combined together, formed with the FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics of the circuit board.

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